Getting Sober

If I don’t watch it, this lake
is vodka and I won’t care I don’t
know how to swim. Getting sober
is like that. I go out into the world
and look you in the eyes and say
I’m fine. I’m having a good time
and you go on never knowing
I was half-underwater, that
there was a monster trying
to make its way to the surface
and I had to push him down.


(originally published in Rattle, Winter 2018 – nominated for Best of the Net)



the not-even-mine salt-and-pepper pup
domesticates me

the longer i hang
the more chameleon my intentions

the smell of sweat from rain-pawed feet

i wave yesterday’s socks
like american flags

i say, speak english –
even though i do not understand


(originally published in White Stag – Volume II, Issue I)